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Interesting, but what is the nature of the freight in Aussie intermodal? In the US, transcon double stack service shaves about a week off China-East Coast transit times. Seems like China container ships could just as easily go to Australia's east or west coast. And why is there always some kind of passenger car behind the locomotives? Crew dorm car?
Comment from : JRE

ian Neill
Great Video thanks! Are you allowed to transit the "Trans Access Road"?
Comment from : ian Neill

Ronald Mitaxa
What a shame that the film is so far out of focus
Comment from : Ronald Mitaxa

Garry Teahan
Brilliant work. Thank You, it brings back memories. The Drone is an added bonus.
Comment from : Garry Teahan

Bill Richardson
What was the road like between the Eyre Hwy and Cook?? I was put off travelling out to Cook on our last visit to Perth by the sign that said this was an unmaintained road. Also the road to Forrest, was it any good?? We were towing a camper trailer, so i was not game to try these roads. Love your videos, keep up the great work, regards Bill 3936 Vic.
Comment from : Bill Richardson

Danny Gayler
The carriages directly behind the locos are they for the crew or another purpose ?
Comment from : Danny Gayler

John Ruskin
Excellent capture
Comment from : John Ruskin

this was realy super to see.thank you.greetz:Peerke. from the Netherlands.
Comment from : MrPeerum

i like that speed on the rails.they have to learn it in the USA.slow and bad track with nails.antiek.lol.
Comment from : MrPeerum

Graeme Rummler
Excellent Footage.
Comment from : Graeme Rummler

Love it! .. Isn’t the double stacker called the ‘Great White’ or somethin?
Comment from : silverwater006

Bob W
The Nullarbor Plain. Desolate.
Comment from : Bob W

Bob W
How long are these? Ok, saw the blurb about 1800 meters.
Comment from : Bob W

blue heeler
Why don't they run those big American locos they use in western Australia? Mind you these locos seem to do the job
Comment from : blue heeler

James Burnside
Nice job enjoyed
Comment from : James Burnside

Austin Yingst
It was great to see video from Australia. The photography was superb and the locations interesting. What we "up north" don't have is an appreciation of Australian geography and the distances involved or the location of the communities and cities. Nicely done. Thanks.
Comment from : Austin Yingst

Redhen Railcar SAR
Nice job! I saw 2MP5 and 7PM5 yesterday on the Adelaide - Melbourne Line (and the overland too). They can go real fast when the track suits it, I think they can top out at 115km/h.
Comment from : Redhen Railcar SAR

David Worsley
Do they have a sleeper cab for a spare driver or do they change over crews on these long journeys ?
Comment from : David Worsley

rdmstr retiredtrucker
What is the purpose of the passenger coach with most of trains?
Comment from : rdmstr retiredtrucker

You look like you could use a new subscriber. Let me help you with that.

Outstanding work man, this video was a pleasure to watch.

Comment from : phillyslasher

james baker
Comment from : james baker

Nice work Matt! You do get around mate! I managed to get a PN train with a "G"class stopped at Lofty on my visit! It caught up to a SCT and had to wait at the Station. Was a good take off but not as good as the one you gat with the AN class. Look forward to more of your trip.
Cheers Gregg.

Comment from : FishplateFilms

vsv nrg
thanks for going where the rest of us don't.
Comment from : vsv nrg

David Dowling
In the event of a locomotive failure how long would it take to have a replacement in place?
Comment from : David Dowling

Glennise R
Great video, I don't often see videos like this one but the freight trains really boogie along out there & here I was thinking that they just moseyed along.
Comment from : Glennise R

Michael Chartres
That brought back some memories for me. I traveled on the Indian Pacific from Perth to Adelaide, 42 hours. On the way we passed a few freight trains as they were laid up in passing bays waiting for us. I also got off and explored at every stop where it was allowed. Thanks for stirring the memories. Regards Michael
Comment from : Michael Chartres

John Moore
(from the USA). outstanding video. love that flat open country miles and miles of nothing but land. most of the trains in the video was stepping on it. love the train videos of the trans from down under keep them coming. Question: Are most of the power units (locomotives made in incountry or are they from other countries)? Again thanks for a very outstanding video
Comment from : John Moore

Another awesome video!!!!
Comment from : Z R

Western Victorian Railways
Nice one its great seeing some coverage in parts of Australia few people go
Comment from : Western Victorian Railways

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