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Conor Ocallaghan
Who's here when he's already sacked😂😂
Comment from : Conor Ocallaghan

Muhammad Faisa
Pengen traning bareng,,,,,,,MU
Comment from : Muhammad Faisa

David Idowu
What does Fellaini want in football. He should be pursuing other things.
Comment from : David Idowu

Eisaa X7
how do u get these recordings? is it from the MUTV channel?
Comment from : Eisaa X7

Maciek Miłosek
you lost 2-1 hahahahahah
Comment from : Maciek Miłosek

Stephen Buffery
waste of time really
Comment from : Stephen Buffery

Zino Adoum
Comment from : Zino Adoum

_''The Therapist'_
They're going to lose
Comment from : _''The Therapist'_

Mera 07
I hope United will win 💪💪💪👊👊👊
Comment from : Mera 07

Joshua Orr
Come in Sanchez
Comment from : Joshua Orr

Sanchez is shy hhh
Comment from : UBEYDAH AHMED

Roni Elyanto
is pogba injured again?
Comment from : Roni Elyanto

Israel Ngonyani
I mc Pogba's creativity in pitch.
Comment from : Israel Ngonyani

Israel Ngonyani
Lololooo,I love Maroun Fellain coz he is a tactical player,
Comment from : Israel Ngonyani

Luke shaw looks like someone that won a competition to be their lol
Comment from : k20

Ekem Doctor
Come on United Army
Comment from : Ekem Doctor

Honestly, would like to see them work on passes and possession. Else opponents are gonna dominate us again.
Comment from : aysteria4ever

Cwenga Cenge
Mans said it's not a race yet they still race😂😂😂😂, love this team!
Comment from : Cwenga Cenge

Elton Gardener
Are the Wolves still there that SAF bought to keep out the journalist from hiding in the bushes?
Comment from : Elton Gardener

Yassin Hani
Who saw de geas tekkerz better than the whole of arsenals squad
Comment from : Yassin Hani

Valiantly Passah
I love this game
Comment from : Valiantly Passah

1-1 Battle of the busses..
Comment from : Namdor

Julieanne ward
Man u win 3 1
Comment from : Julieanne ward

where's pogba ???? still injured??? zlatan fit already???
Comment from : frezing87

sag hal
I think something is going on between pogba n mou this days
Comment from : sag hal

Brand New update
The Lyon is back
Comment from : Brand New update

They don't train like champions
Comment from : THE KIM JONG SHOW

Aziiz Cabdlaa
He is there Sanchez like 😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Aziiz Cabdlaa

დავით მაღრაძე
13:19 zlatan kung fu :D
Comment from : დავით მაღრაძე

بدر الفريدي
What happened after this?
Comment from : بدر الفريدي

I see Zlatan!
Comment from : Altruistic

Ali Gokhool
were is pogba
Comment from : Ali Gokhool

ayesha t
rashford and lingard cant get enough out of each other like school girls ffs, always with each other
Comment from : ayesha t

Sambrosa Bha alassane
Si on peut voir training de Manchester United tout les jours c'est bien
Comment from : Sambrosa Bha alassane

Asher jm
oohhhhh sorryyy is nooottt verryyy sorrryyyyy
Comment from : Asher jm

Asher jm
100 percent copyright I just saw the vid on man utd's channel!!
Comment from : Asher jm

Joshua 1
What an athlete bailly is absolutely beautiful human being
Comment from : Joshua 1

Joshua 1
Ashley young has a lot more pace than I thought and Valencia also is 32 and still got serious pace
Comment from : Joshua 1

Joshua 1
True baller they all are
Comment from : Joshua 1

Nothing Nothing
Do you ever think De Gea and Mata talk about their childhood dreams comeing true? Playing for a Top Tier Club and playing for their country!
Comment from : Nothing Nothing

Healthy Man
Jesse where you going LMAO!!
Comment from : Healthy Man

Columbus Sharma
Zlatan plis come back and show the whole world that you are the best and Mr Legend. You deserve to take the champions trophy
Comment from : Columbus Sharma

Red Rage
where Blind/Rojo
Comment from : Red Rage

H George
Guess What? Martial is back
Comment from : H George

Samo B Icon
rashford + linguard ,👏👏👌
Comment from : Samo B Icon

Senasioo siaosioo

Comment from : Senasioo siaosioo

Roy Keane Simply The Best
Salah’s still in Young’s pocket.
Comment from : Roy Keane Simply The Best

Ngali Juwing
Comment from : Ngali Juwing

Lionel missing!
rashford lingard = Romeo and Juliet
Comment from : Lionel missing!

Kizito William
Luke eats everyone's extra candy.
Comment from : Kizito William

Sanneh Lamin 11
Comment from : Sanneh Lamin 11

wheres blind?
Comment from : Casper

jr Drame
United we stand
Comment from : jr Drame

Aduka Putra
Ashley Young is always happy lol :)
Comment from : Aduka Putra

Kibreab Mehari
Where is Pogba ?
Comment from : Kibreab Mehari

Thanks Thet
Please don't start fallini
Comment from : Thanks Thet

Alunkuntu De Churches
Wish i can have a look at this all day....the dream still remains a trip to old Trafford
Comment from : Alunkuntu De Churches

Marco Espindola
why doesnt alexis do the warm ups lmao
Comment from : Marco Espindola

ritul sharma
We must create better atmosphere than Liverpool game.
Comment from : ritul sharma

Where's Pogba? Injured?
Comment from : SuperReddevil23

Prince Sharma
Absolutely love Sanchez
Comment from : Prince Sharma

Khoyrudin Utomo
12:59 kamehameha from rom
Comment from : Khoyrudin Utomo

Khalid Alnajjar
3:35 jessi trolling tony about how to throw a proper thrown in LOL
Comment from : Khalid Alnajjar

Black Mamba
Why is Fellaini alone?
Comment from : Black Mamba

De Gea's handy with his feet!
Comment from : What

Suraj Singh
Zlatan and Matic are seriously in Love
Comment from : Suraj Singh

S.L.M 86
like how sanchez is out early
Comment from : S.L.M 86

Old Trafford must create an Intimidating atmosphere, better than the liverpool visit.
Comment from : KING-KAY GAMING

Please don’t start fellaini
Comment from : N G NUYIT

Isak Pettersson
Come on United!
Comment from : Isak Pettersson

Ryguy theflyguy
GGMU🔴 one love ❤️
Comment from : Ryguy theflyguy

Eric Tan
Comment from : Eric Tan

Shehzad Cheyya
thnks for uploading this video :)
Comment from : Shehzad Cheyya

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