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Ruesei Enterprises
Hi there I am going to send you a comment on your xpt doesn’t seem to stop at Heathcote Junction so you can have a couple more friends
Comment from : Ruesei Enterprises

Jopu 700
That looks like an ex class 43 from GB
Comment from : Jopu 700

Excellent footage of this XPT trip.
Comment from : dja69

No wonder they want to spend billions building a new high-speed track to replace this dinosaur! It's painfully slow with too many bends! If a Japanese tourist that was used to bullet trains rode this train, they would want a refund on their holiday! It may be cheap, but bloody hell!?!? Where are you already? Building a new fleet of trains is not the answer. They will still be limited to their speed on winding rails. I say keep the old fleet going for now, and build a straight hyperloop rail West of the Great Dividing Range with connecting light rail through tunnels to passenger points/Cities. Out transit system is aging new fleet or not. It's a crap fix they came up with, much like the NBN.
Comment from : Shaker4x4

Northwest Southwest Trains
The train you went on is like the Australian version of the British HST
Comment from : Northwest Southwest Trains

Gregory Degherkins
3:50 How did you get back into the train so fast? You must be quite the sprinter
Comment from : Gregory Degherkins

Melbourne Trains Vlogs
12:29 you spelt Albury wrong
Comment from : Melbourne Trains Vlogs

Melbourne Trains Vlogs
Are you allowed to use the sleeper rooms for the daylight XPT?
Comment from : Melbourne Trains Vlogs

Joshua Harper
Did u past other train from Sydney
Comment from : Joshua Harper

Pauline Hunter
I was thinking about doing this trip but after hearing that insufferable creaking all they way, I have changed my mind. It would drive me insane. The catering leaves a lot to be desired too. Gone are the days of a restaurant car with tables to sit at. It as interesting to see anyway. Cheers.
Comment from : Pauline Hunter

kaarthick subramanian
Great video!!! How do they maintain the tracks during Summer? I have heard it could be extreme and the tracks might start bending. Also is train a preferred form of transport for Australians in general?
Comment from : kaarthick subramanian

Sylvia Else
I guess they can call that an on-time departure, even if it stops with the trailing locomotive barely clear of the patform. Those wide guage tracks look rather strange in that view.
Comment from : Sylvia Else

Nice to see the XPTs still in service
Comment from : Isochest

Youtube Viewer
i hope you enjoyed your trip
Comment from : Youtube Viewer

Boy Charles
God they really should buy some high speed trains from China.This sound is driving me crazy.
Comment from : Boy Charles

Nice video. Brings back memories of when I did the journey both ways.
Comment from : fidomusic

Castle Rock RAIL FAN
awesome video :)
Comment from : Castle Rock RAIL FAN

blue heeler
That creaking would drive me insane
Comment from : blue heeler

Довольно похоже на Россию.
Comment from : AVK130174

gavin amos
if your ever on the xpt buy the blueberry muffins they sell their so good
Comment from : gavin amos

Ray Butcher
We wouldn't know a straight track if it bit us
Comment from : Ray Butcher

The sets look and sound very tired . Glad they are replacing them over the next two years.
Comment from : Electrotract

Peter Smith
I've ridden on the XPT trains and they're now so uncomfortable & antiquated, when is the government going to replace them? They're too old to travel on nowadays, here we are in 2019 & we're still travelling like it's 1983.
Comment from : Peter Smith

Lachlan Jones
i'm in a manual wheel chair and planning a trip on board the xpt Melbourne to Sydney
Comment from : Lachlan Jones

Beasts. They like our hsts. Vp185s
Comment from : DelticMatt

Panda Bear
Great video, brings back memories, but there’s no D in ALBURY. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from : Panda Bear

Life WithAmber
Albury. Not Aldbury
Comment from : Life WithAmber

Awesome video showing the landscapes & countryside on the journey; also the curves and gradients XPT has to cope with.
Thanks for the interesting video description.
The power car traction motors are lower geared than the UK IC125 they are based on due to the gradients in Australia (design speed 160 Km/h).
I think that constant squeaking noise is either the carriage secondary suspension or the couplings between the carriages (that possibly need some maintenance / lubrication).

Comment from : Martindyna

B. Curtis
I couldn't take that graunchy bogie under your carriage,, the pitch even from the video, did my head in lol, but hey, great footage and well done
Comment from : B. Curtis

Boris Lu 2
Super video!
Comment from : Boris Lu 2

Random Vedio watcher
How Much Does The Trip cost from Melbourne to Sydney cost in all class
Comment from : Random Vedio watcher

TikkStar Gaming
Nice vid mate. Im doing this trip mid this year.
Comment from : TikkStar Gaming

Seamus White
was the seating shown at the start the first class or economy section?
Comment from : Seamus White

Butch 78
Slow journey seems to be nothing but curves. Strange noises on video.
Comment from : Butch 78

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