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8800 ft? That's a short train on the CN in Canada. Regularly running 11000+ ft
Comment from : rodzor

Harinderpal Singh
Wagons are small
Comment from : Harinderpal Singh

Matthew Massarotti
i know the port augusta is now closed but what about leigh creek what r they going to do with all of the coal?
Comment from : Matthew Massarotti

Erick Ramos
Why closed the mine?
Comment from : Erick Ramos

Jim Crawford
Magnificent video! I love that country over there! Riverina, NSW.
Comment from : Jim Crawford

DerRobMann (R.T. West)
In spite of driving on the wrong side of the road, speaking with an accent and using non-English English words impossible to understand even for the rest of the English-speaking world, and having more venomous critters than ex-convicts, Australia sure is a beautiful country. These desert train scenes are simply magnificent. Saludos, desde Colonia Centro Historico, Puebla, Mexico, DerRobMann sends...
Comment from : DerRobMann (R.T. West)

Geoffrey Black
Why are the coal wagons not loaded to capacity? Very nice footage. Pity its finished.
Comment from : Geoffrey Black

Great footage, thanks for uploading.
Comment from : chillimocha

Do you know what sucks, when you are coming back from Kalgoorlie after a holiday you decide to stop over because it is getting late and stay at the Kunderdin caravan park next to the grain depot and and where the train tracks run along side Great Eastern Highway and next to the caravan park, what sucks is that every F¥€$£# hour a freight train drives past, honks it's bloody horn; MUAAAAAAAAAA, MUAAAAA, AND THE CLICKETY CLICK NOISE OF THE CARRIAGES DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Hmm... Good sleep...
Comment from : Johno

Imagine being at a boom gate when that train is approaching, do you speed across or wait...
Comment from : Johno

Allan Chapman
The trains are loaded to maximum grade they encounter on the line maximum speed on these grades are 10 mph or 16 kph . Ex NSWGR fireman 60's & 70's .
Comment from : Allan Chapman

Narendra Shukla
i love Australian landscape.
Comment from : Narendra Shukla

Ernest Johnson
A very good film to watch ,thank you.
Comment from : Ernest Johnson

marco Sinnes
Super video cool
Comment from : marco Sinnes

andy bowen
g'day mate my name andy bowen from taree in nsw i am very interested in wanting to find out how many coal wagons are on these big bloody monsters newcastle on the nsw hunter valley coal train carry 90 wagons long it will be great to here back from you
Comment from : andy bowen

Wow! The 3rd one was the longest one I've ever seen!
Comment from : CorinniiCoconut

Santosh Rao
Comment from : Santosh Rao

Colin Wilkie
Those are ex NSWGR's coal hoppers, I remember them from the 1980's on the hunter valley coal trains.
We use to ride them, all through the night. Great fun.

Comment from : Colin Wilkie

sahir khan
The train speed pleas
Comment from : sahir khan

Kojii Naz

Comment from : Kojii Naz

Someone re-uploaded your video and hasn't credited you.

Comment from : vickstar1992

Gray Iain
cool video - good one for posterity. It must be pretty flat to have hauled so much with that horsepower: to get 48 of those same wagons up to Waterfall (Southern Sydney, NSW) they need 4 x 82s for 48 of them! Damn 1 in 40 grades.
Comment from : Gray Iain

John Moore
what  is the max grade on the rail line in Australia?  a very outstanding video. love to watch in on wide screen the view of the country side is something else. what was on the flat car at the end of the train?  thanks
Comment from : John Moore

By the way, a great video!!! Thanks for sharing with everyone great history! Hope the TV stations ask for it someday!!!
Comment from : nihongo02341

This is the beginning of Australia's "Energy Crisis", well at least symbolically marking our destruction of our own development. Companies have already been up and packing (like they did in the US under 'global warming' Obama) and leaving this great land. It is little wonder when you have a land full of milk and honey (coal, uranium, gold, iron ore, minerals, vast gas and even oil reserves) and the things that made us great have been taxed out of existence or unions have put their whole hand in the pie making it no good to sell.....
How could a Government 'blow up' a power station like that? And then threaten the existence of industrial operations in that state? South Australia is already struggling, and they do this?
And here www.heraldsun.com.au/blogs/andrew-bolt/sa-loses-power-in-another-wind-farm-fail/news-story/8e5db34f658a3153f7f0a8d91a077b82

Comment from : nihongo02341

Trev's Outback and Gold Adventures
I have watched many ,many aussie train videos and even made a few myself ,so when I say this is best aussie train video I've ever come across I don't say it lightly.A totally enthralling video framed within majestic South Aus desert scenery.
Thanks for covering the last of the Leigh Creek coal trains.
One of my greatest and most memorable train experience was of the LC coal train about 25 years ago.I was on a camping trip out Parachilna way ,and as I always, whenever near,set up camp a rail line..I had propped near a rail bridge over when of the many dry creeks running westwardly off the Flinders.It was a very dark,moonless night and as usual in wide open aussie desert areas you can see lights for tens of miles off in the distance.In the dark I could see a bright light in the far distance to the south west.As always it is very hard to judge the distance of bright lights in the distance in the desert.But I knew whatever it was it was a long ways off.A look at my map made it clear it would have to be a train's light. Any way after half an hour passed and I could just start to perceive the familiar rumble of some serious locomotive power an innumerable steel wheels on steel rails headed my way on that still,mild and beautiful desert night.After ten minutes that distant rumble had become a bone shaking,visceral cacophony and ground literal began to shake as the massive beast of a train drew level with me and passed over that small bridge.It literally must have been doing 110 kph and even at that massive speed the damn thing took at least ten minutes to pass.
I figured later that at that sort of speed it must have been at least 50 or 60 kms away when I first spotted its head light in the distance.
It was a truly memorable experience and one that has ever since etched a vivid and lasting impression in my mind.
So I can only feel great regret at the passing into history this iconic train of the South Australian landscape.
With kind regards,Trev.

Comment from : Trev's Outback and Gold Adventures

John Doe
I counted 162 the first clip
Comment from : John Doe

Australia is weird, you have locomotives from north america as well as some that have the Europe style....
Comment from : chuckufarly5

Awesome video! Greetings from the USA.
Comment from : SantaFe19484

Eric Hulgan
Is the track shutting down as well or does it run other freight? If it is shutting down you should build a track cart and ride the line, it's a blast.
Comment from : Eric Hulgan

That will become valuable historic footage of the last days of South Australia before it became a third world state. You managed to get some fantastic angles and lighting with this video, it's beautiful country and you have shown it at it's best. Pity about the flies! What has happened to the rollingstock? Was it abandoned at Leigh Creek or left down at Port Augusta for reuse somewhere, not too many coal mines in SA?.

Comment from : whorayful

Awesome Video.
Comment from : dodgieandsami

First time I've seen a compressor wagon, or at least knew what it was. They don't use them here in Canada that I know of.
Had to look this place up on Google Earth. That is a massive mine, about 7 km wide!
Thanks for posting and the very good description of locos and wagons.

Comment from : Railfan6675

R.i.p Leigh Creek coalies. They will be missed
Comment from : Henboman

Hi Steve, a wonderful vlog capturing a part of Australia that most never see. A sight now consigned to history. Thankyou. Cheers
Comment from : rupee0987

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